Just Another Day

Win: French Press Coffee – first time trying it since enjoying coffee, and OMG it’s amazing!

Fail: Vidalia is not worth the money. They have unique drinks and good appetizers, but the rest was meh.

Win: Ardeo/Bardeo and Rasika are worth the money. Everything at A/B was amazing. Rasika had good but normal entrees, but the apps and desserts were innovative and delicious.

Fail: Hot yoga. Not attempting that again until I am an expert at all things yoga during normal temperatures.

Win: Finished two books. One took me several weeks and was a bitch, the other – “What in God’s Name” – was fabulous and I finished it in about 3 hours.

Fail: Have to reorganize a whole bunch of crap at work because my boss didn’t read our work until now. If he’d answered my question in December, we could be done by now…but at least I have some guidance from someone now.

Win: Super exciting weekend coming up!

Fail: So much money being spent in February…


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