Work Choices.

A few weeks ago, the big boss at work put out a notification that he was putting together the list of people interested in going abroad for a year. I asked him about shorter periods, and he said that while they aren’t his preference, I should indicate that interest too just in case. I figured, what the hell, it won’t happen, but why not offer for 6 months. Because really, 6 months isn’t that long a period of time at all.

Well…I found out today that while there’s plenty of interest for 1-year positions, they are mainly from senior staff, and there’s likely the opportunity if I want it. I don’t know why, but from day 1 I’ve felt that if I said I’d go, I could go, and sure enough, that’s how it is. So, now I have to decide if I really want to do it. Since I’m analytical as fuck (hence my job), I need to weigh this carefully.

On the one hand, it’s sort of weird timing in terms of rent, so I’d need to figure out a sublet or just pay rent for my empty place. It’s not bad timing, in that it’d be August/September (more likely end-September) until end of March; the weather would be chillier and eventually snowy, but at least it wouldn’t be hot. The violence is usually lesser during that time period. Drawdown won’t have happened yet, so it’s safer – it’s sort of a now or never thing. There’s a girl from the office there who’s younger, as well as a few others I know, who would be cool to hang out with. The money would be good, and I’d gain a lot of overtime.

Negatives include the danger, the boredom, the terrible food, the logistics of my car/rent, the air quality, and the massive increase in loan payments in 2015.


I need to find out what project I’d be on, who I’d be working with, and whether or not a promotion would be included. I also need to find out what I’d be working on if I stayed in DC, who I’d be working with, and what my salary/position would be. I have a feeling if I stay in DC I’ll get a pretty generous promotion, plus my current supervisor is going abroad so I’d for sure not have to work with him again, whereas I might be stuck with him again if I go over. It’s sort of nuts. Do I offer an even shorter period of 3 months? I highly doubt they’d do that – it’d be too expensive to be worth it at that point. But then, I studied abroad for 5 months and handled it…so it wouldn’t be too bad.


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