Thinking About Food

(Sorry for treating my blog like a tumblr…)

Awesome motivating post about food choices: Summer: The Vegan Adventure.

I hate rules, especially when it comes to food. Because your meal should never make you feel like a failure.”

“It’s remembering that seasonal eating & time to cook isn’t a sacrifice.”

Personally, this is why I’ve been getting such a great thrill from grilling and cooking so much lately. Cooking whole, unprocessed foods makes me proud of my choices. I’m supporting farms, I’m pushing myself to develop better skills and habits, and I’m spending time with awesome friends. It’s a great way to kick off summer!

Recent masterpieces on the grill: Grilled bratwursts and asparagus, grilled peaches with pound cake and whipped cream, grilled balsamic chicken, peppers, and squash with israeli couscous, grilled asian shrimp with rice and grilled onions and peppers, grilled old bay and barbeque wings with grilled green beans, bananas foster (from a grilling recipe but modified to a skillet when it rained). Coming up in the future: burgers, salmon, ribs, steaks, bbq pork, pineapple…so many things!

And the farmer’s market opened today – yay! Only thing that’d be better would be if I had the place for an herb garden.


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