Quiet Balance

I had a dream last night that involved a Dominant guy I know. I hate having dreams about people I know, because it makes it super awkward when I see them. What’s more frustrating, even, is that sometimes people play roles in my dreams that I really want them to have, and it feels real, but then it’s just my subconscious screwing with me.

In my dream, I was home sick (apropos since I did that today), and I was having some sort of panic attack in a public place. All of a sudden, there was a hand gripping mine, providing something to focus on and lessen the anxiety. I realized who it was, and went to move away, but instead he moved so I was on the floor between his legs, providing even more points to steady me. I finally got my shit together and fled the scene.

Other than the whole “why am I getting comfort from this dude I’m not dating” part of the dream, it did prove a good point. One, submission focuses me and helps calm my anxieties.  Two, I need to find a Dominant who is steady, sure, calm, and patient.

I’m very Type A, high-energy, and passionate. I stay exceptionally busy. I do want someone who likes adventure and who is passionate, but rather than seeking a Type A extrovert, I could do with someone more refined than myself. A quieter in-control guy. He may think more slowly than I, he may not jump in headfirst like I do, but who is intelligent and thinks things through. It would balance and center me more.


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