Book Review: 101 Secrets for Your Twenties

101 Secrets for Your Twenties by Paul Angone

Goodreads Synopsis:

Every twenty-something needs a little black book of secrets. Our twenties are filled with confusion, terrible jobs, anticipation, disappointment, cubicles, break-ups, transition, quarter-life crisis, loneliness, post-college what the heck, moderate success sandwiched in-between complete failure, and we need a worn, weathered guide stashed somewhere close by to help shed some light on this defining decade. This is that book.

My thoughts:

This book was great and I recommend it. It’s a very fast read, but entertaining. Moreover, it helps emphasize that the things that make you feel like you’re drowning in your twenties are actually what will ground you in your later years of life.  Moreover, my life involves a lot of fear – fear of not being successful, not finding a job I love, not settling down fast enough, etc. This book helped me realize that fear is feeling and is indicative of growth. Without risk, there is no reward. Fear shows that I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone, which is what you should be doing in your twenties. Your twenties are when you have nothing to lose, when you should be throwing yourself all-in. It’s a good point to have reiterated. I may write more on this later, because it’s been a theme this past week.

Quotes (related secret in () ) — WARNING some ‘spoilers’ may follow:

  • “Your only choice of survival is to just let go.” (1)
  • “The possibility for embarrassment and greatness usually exist in the same space.” (2)
  • “The fear of embarrassment lets insecurities call the shots.” (2)
  • “You can’t have a good story without a good struggle.” (4)
  • “If we’re always trying to live like we’re ‘supposed to,’ we’re never going to truly live.” (6)
  • “Don’t allow loneliness to become isolation.” (14)
  • “Don’t make a date into something more than a date. Or you won’t date.” (18)
  • “Dating is simply trial and error. And if you don’t try, that will be the biggest error of all.” (18)
  • “Our plans aren’t the problem. Our timeline is.” (19)
  • “Don’t cram YOUR PLOTLINE into someone else’s story.” (21)
  • “Complaining is passive and powerless. Creating is proactive and powerful.” (38)
  • “In the ‘working world’, very rarely is someone waiting there to teach you how to do your job. They’re expecting you to teach yourself.” (54)
  • “You don’t argue with them about your skill set, you just show them every single day how awesome your skills are.” (56)
  • “Here’s the interesting thing about the Liar–when he starts babbling, you know you’re onto something important. When he starts talking, thank him. He just revealed to you that you’re on to something huge.” (74) [the Liar is self-doubt/fear]
  • “The point of life is NOT to not fail.” (75)
  • “Raise your hand. Say ‘sure I can do that.’ then figure it out from there. You’ll be surprised how quickly the act becomes a reality.” (76)
  • “Stop worrying about finding the right person. Instead, start working on becoming the right person.” (77)
  • “to Not burn out on Adult every-day-ness you need to take some nothing vacations.” (81) [a nothing vacation means no sightseeing, no friends or family, just nothing. Food, sleep, books, repeat.]
  • “You can’t find something when you’ve never actually decided what you’re looking for.” (86)

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