Pondering Writing

I’m debating between two different story ideas. I want to write something before the year is out, so time is a-wasting. My options:

1) Focus on mental bondage, or self-restraint — a submissive making herself available for pain, being teased and brought to the edge, then required to ask for the things she fears the most in order to get satisfaction. Realizing that satisfaction is doing what pleases him, regardless of what her state is, and surrendering to that. Him manipulating her to enjoy the things she fears, to need the implement of her fear in order to get off.

2) Charity auction. Girl has been unallowed to touch or have sexual contact of any kind for a week. At a local kink event, there’s a platform. She’s caged and exposed, blindfolded and gagged. There’s a sheet in front of her for a silent auction – up for sale is the decision of how many times she’ll be brought close to orgasm and denied (limit of some sort, TBD). Her Dom will do these teases. There’s also a bucket next to the paper – each dollar represents a minute she will be held at the brink of orgasm (edged) after the teases have been completed. There will be a live auction to determine who will get to do the edging. While the teases and edging happen, she’ll be miked so that her pleading and sounds combine with the music of the club as people play and party around them (the auction is a side event going on).

Which one do I write out? Grr. Both have been fermenting in my mind for a while. I think both have challenging parts that I need to figure out how to write in an exciting way. My goal is to choose and write one before I leave town on the 20th.