I’ve gotten adventurous this trip home. I bought pairs of pants in bright blue, deep purple, and brown and black paisley. I chopped my hair, died it darker, and got snippets of violet put in. I’m going to get some bright red lipstick tomorrow, and tada! Fashion revamp done. 

I want to be a little more bold. As long as I can maintain a classy vibe, I think it should be good. I want to start my year fresh and a bit funky. 

I’ve been debating “theme”ing my months this year, a la Gretchin Rubin’s The Happiness Project. One month could be fitness, for example, and focus on cardio, strength training, and posture. Another month could be appearance, and focus on doing makeup every day and trying new hair things. Another could be food – new recipes to try, certain foods to incorporate, eat out less. One could be city-centric, and focus on doing touristy things around town. Etc etc. 

Another option is to make one goal a focus for the year, and that’s it. It’s hard to devote willpower to many things, so I could focus everything on one goal.

Yet another mimics what I’ve done in past years, which is to make a smaller list of mostly achievable goals to strive towards. 

There are schools of thought supporting all of those, mainly the first two. Now time to decide!