2013 Year in Review (Part 3 – Recap)

Last year involved a lot of growth, happy memories, and challenges.

I was much more responsible last year. I worked hard to budget, save, pay down debt, and plan for my future. I upped my retirement contributions. I did my taxes all alone. I invested into my car with new tires and oil changes, and my health by making doctors appointments, dentist appointments, vision appointments.

I realized that kink is less of a thing for me, at least in terms of my social life. I’ve been attending board game evenings and events, and occasionally hosting happy hours or vanilla events (like a book club) for/with kinky folks. I have attended a couple of monthly parties that I volunteer at, but I only went to the local dungeon a handful of times. I stopped attending most kinky happy hours, conventions, classes, and parties. I had a few bad experiences, either with jealous partners, insufficient aftercare, or fuzzy consent regarding touching. I still enjoy a lot of kinky things, but I want them within a relationship or with very, very good friends. Moreover, my closest kink friends haven’t been out and about, and I haven’t been up for attending things alone anymore. 

In the meantime, I’ve made up for less kinky-social with more vanilla-social. I was extremely social last year. I was home maybe one weeknight a week, and I tried a huge number of restaurants and drinks. I dated a lot. I put myself out there. I enriched friendships.

I had a lot of challenges with my family, but I’m in an ok-place there now. I’m trying to be less bitter and more forgiving and supportive.

A couple of lifestyle things I’m most happy with from the year:

  • Using goodreads to track my reading, and pushing myself to read more nonfiction and mainstream fiction (instead of all YA and erotica).
  • Keeping a weekly “awesomeness” or gratitude journal
  • Blogging regularly
  • Starting a tumblr and keeping it up
  • Having weekly game nights and cooking with two (sometimes more) of my closest friends
  • Learning to grill


  • Attending Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire and Fusion
  • Attending and helping plan Board and Kinky events
  • Exploring romantic connections in more depth, both D/s, kinky, and vanilla


  • Engagements and weddings of several close friends
  • All the memories in my awesomeness journal – musicals (1776, Book of Mormon, If/Then, Spamalot, Rascal Flatts and Band Perry, NSO holiday concert, Bela Fleck, Steep Canyon Rangers), adventure (whitewater rafting, florida vacation, snow tubing), a ton of new board games, many new restaurants, classes (wine and painting, knife skills, burlesque), sports events (capitals, orioles), bars (stand up comedy, science night), storytelling events, renaissance faire, museums (Mount Vernon, Newseum, Arboretum), shooting range, wineries/breweries/cider houses…
  • Weekly game and dinner nights
  • Reconnecting deeply with some friends from graduate school
  • Finding a new roommate and bonding with both of my roommates
  • Making a great friend from my old job

Professional/Real Life:

  • Finding a new job
  • Getting promoted at my old job
  • Making all my furniture and sheets match
  • Starting to drink coffee
  • Publishing a report for my last project at my old job
  • Integrating myself socially into my former office environment

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