Tickling Article

Came across an article today called “Why can’t  you tickle yourself?” See: http://mentalfloss.com/article/55043/why-cant-you-tickle-yourself.

Thing is, I can tickle myself. Not in the same places or as effectively were it someone else doing the tickling, of course, but it is possible. Now I’m curious, why is it I can do that? Upon further thought, I think it’s more that my skin is especially sensitive, especially my lower back, and with the right touch it’s easy to stimulate so lightly so as to get me to laugh or squirm. The surprise isn’t there, and it’s not the giggling/screaming type of tickling, but it’s a form nonetheless.

I really wonder about other people’s experiences with this.

One response to “Tickling Article

  1. I most certainly can also tickle myself. Seems weird, I know, but yes, not as intense as someone doing it to me, but I also think it is because my skin is sooo sensitive. If I run my fingers lightly over lots of my body parts it is tickling, such as my inner thighs, under edge of my arms, etc. Most particularly ticklish are my feet! I can barely stand to go barefoot. And I do NOT like being tickled…nope not at all.

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