Recipes 2 and 3 – Kik Alicha and Oat and Currant Scones

I cooked up a storm tonight, go me!

I made Kik Alicha based on a recipe I found online: This is a recipe for ethiopian yellow split peas, which is always one of my favorite dishes when I eat out at Ethiopian.

I will say that this turned out just OK. I didn’t like how soupy it was, so I think I’d use less water next time. I also would leave in the garlic when it said to take it out. I had to add some cayenne too to give it a kick. Generally, tastes better at a restaurant, but wasn’t a terrible recipe. I’ve never cooked yellow split peas before, and I know no other recipes for them, so I think all in all, I’d try it again. It was VERY easy to make, though, which is a bonus. There aren’t really good photos of it, so no documentation.

I also made Oat and Currant Scones from my roommate’s King Arthur Flour cookbook. I substituted chopped dried cranberries for currants since I had them on hand. This recipe required some specialized ingredients, like oat flour and buttermilk, made a mess (you have to knead the dough on a floured surface), and was time consuming, but it was pretty simple. The results are amazingly delicious, too, so I feel fancy and accomplished. Plus, they’re only about 187 cal and 4g protein/2g fiber, which for an indulgent baked good isn’t bad. I could have easily shortened the cooking time and made smaller scones, which I think I would do next time to make them more portion-healthy.

Photos are out of order because my computer is stupid.

Scones Before Baking

Scones, just before putting some coarse sugar on top and baking.

Freshly Baked

Freshly baked!

Dough Balls

Dough balls! You turn out the dough, knead a few times, form a disk, and cut using a bench knife.



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