Tuesday Ten – Top 10 Things that Made Me Smile on 1/13/15

Another blogger I follow has been doing different writing exercises for each day of the week, and Tuesday is a day for a top ten list. I really like the idea, so I’m going to try to emulate it. FYI, these are not in countdown style, so numerical order doesn’t matter unless specifically stated.

I’ve been in a procrastinating, down-in-the-dumps phase for at least a month. Today, I felt like I finally moved towards a more productive and happy day. I want to capitalize on that, so for today, I’m going to focus on a very personalized, present-oriented thing – top 10 things that have made me happy in the last 24 hours.

  1. MightyMug! My friend had her roommate’s mighty mug with her at work today, and it’s awesome! It won’t fall over no matter how hard you push it, but it lifts right off the counter. As someone who has (frequently) spilled liquids at work, this is amazing!
  2. Telling my roommates I’m moving in with my boyfriend in May and having it be a drama-free, positive moment for all involved.
  3. Making scones for the first time ever and having them be delicious.
  4. Suggesting a new way of planning my project at work and having both my bosses positively respond to it.
  5. Making a giant work to-do list and actually achieving things on the list.
  6. Looking at wedding dresses for my recently-engaged coworker/friend.
  7. My boyfriend planning work and hobby-oriented travel and talking to me about it before booking things and actively considering implications on our time together.
  8. Making plans with a friend to make macarons this weekend.
  9. Finding really good recently released music on Spotify, including Glory by John Legend (which won a golden globe this weekend).
  10. My defrosted lunch (spinach artichoke quinoa casserole) reheated beautifully and didn’t taste disgusting.

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