Tuesday Ten – Reasons I’m excited about moving in with my boyfriend

  1. No more logistics to see each other! We can go home and we’ll automatically both be there. No more 30 minute – hour long commute to get to one another’s house.
  2. We can do nothing together without having to leave our houses. Right now, choosing to do nothing or spend the night in usually means we end up not together. In our place, we can be separate but still together.
  3. All the sex, all the time. Loud as we want, anywhere we want.
  4. Time! More inside jokes, laughter, and getting to know one another. So much time together we’ll be less bummed when one of us leaves.
  5. All the cuddles, every night.
  6. His mattress is soooo comfortable.
  7. We can cook together, watch TV together, etc without bothering my roommates.
  8. New dishes, new comforter, new couch – creating a home together.
  9. Luxury kitchens in the places we’ve been looking.
  10. Creating a life together – making our own routines around mealtimes and weekends and mornings, figuring out pet peeves we didn’t know we had, seeing one another much more, making our lives integrate.

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