Tuesday Ten: Things I Want to Keep In My Freezer

I currently share a freezer with two other girls, so it’s impossible to keep much in there. I’ve been using the freezer more and more lately for pancakes and lunches, and I love it! I can’t wait until I have just my boyfriend and I with a whole freezer so I can stockpile things and save a ton of money.

  1. brown rice, white rice, and quinoa in individual servings
  2. bread – english muffins, homemade sliced bread, sandwich rolls
  3. scone and/or cookie dough frozen in individual servings (you just pop into oven from frozen as the oven preheats/cooks and ta-DA single serving dessert!)
  4. bags of prepared smoothie – yogurt, fruit, veggies etc. ready to go
  5. veggies – broccoli, sugar snap peas, chopped spinach, diced onions
  6. chicken stock
  7. meat – chicken, ground turkey, turkey meatballs (trader joes’ are amazing) whatever we can get on sale
  8. lunch-sized portions of spinach-lasagna roll ups, chili, moo shu chicken, quinoa spinach or mexican casserole, etc.
  9. pre-prepared casserole and/or crock pot meal (beef stew, general tso chicken, ham and potato casserole, enchiladas) that can be defrosted and cooked
  10. egg sandwiches and pancakes

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