Tuesday 10: Things That Make Me Feel Accomplished

  1. Having “real” furniture, not purchased from Ikea or Target, or, if it is, that matches and is made of wood and not plastic. For example, buying a wine cabinet from a furniture store, or matching wood nightstands for my bed. Having a headboard and a kitchen table. It’s the small things, really.
  2. Getting rewarded at my job, whether via a raise, a promotion, a good rating at my semi-annual review, or an award.
  3. Finishing books in any genre that isn’t romance, chick lit, or young adult. Clearly, I need to get over my inherent shame in reading my preferred genres.
  4. Working out more than 2 times in a row.
  5. Cooking meals I’ve never made before, with or without a recipe, from scratch and not pre-packaged ingredients.
  6. Writing and mailing letters and packages to friends and family.
  7. Cleaning and organizing parts of my house, car, or cube (work), to include going through piles of mail/papers and doing laundry. If it involves dusting or taking out bags of trash, increase the accomplishment by 10x.
  8. Doing my hair and makeup in the morning beyond throwing my hair in a ponytail. I hate mornings.
  9. Getting anything done to my car – oil change, adding air to the tires, car wash, fixing parts.
  10. Budgeting – setting the budget, paying bills, putting money in savings or retirement, using my spending app.

Honorable mention: Doctors appointments – scheduling them, going to them; inclusive of therapy, nutritionist, dentist, ophthalmologist, and obgyn.

Insight to my brain: Anything that involves crossing an item off a to-do list is a win!

*Note – I should do more of these things, to breed habits/feelings of pride that can contribute to my happiness. See this blog post. Things like numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 are easy to incorporate into my life.


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