Tuesday 10: Things You Have to Accept When You Live Away From Home

  1. You may not be there in person with childhood friends/family to celebrate birthdays, holidays, engagements, pregnancies, etc. ($500+ plane tickets don’t make last-minute travel easy)
  2. You will inevitibly lose touch with some people
  3. You will rely on phone calls, snail mail, and sometimes very infrequent visits to maintain relationships and feel connected with your loved ones
  4. You won’t always know life-changing information right away, such as when someone is in the hospital or loses their job
  5. You can’t always make it back in time to say goodbye before someone passes away
  6. You’ll need to create your own familial network in your new location
  7. Your loved ones will likely still get together, even when you’re not there, and you can’t be upset about that
  8. You have to have more money in savings, because if you don’t succeed, you can’t move back home without uprooting your entire life
  9. People back home may not understand your lifestyle or decisions because they may be unfamiliar with your city and the culture within it
  10. Vacation time/annual leave will be used more for visiting family/friends than it will be for relaxing or exciting adventure

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