Tuesday Ten: Things That Suck About My Mom Being Dead

In light of mother’s day…

  1. Listening to people complain about things their mom do, when it’s clear that their mom just cares about them
  2. Listening to people complain about spending time with their moms
  3. Mother’s day sales, email advertisement, in-store advertising
  4. Having no one who cares what you ate for dinner or what random purchase you just made
  5. Having no one to go to for awkward advice about things involving your ladybits
  6. Celebrating life’s major moments without her getting to see them, and knowing how much she would have wanted to be there/hear about it (such as moving in together w/boyfriend, weddings, pregnancies, promotions)
  7. Not knowing how to act with friend/boyfriend’s moms; wanting desperately to find someone to serve as a substitute, but knowing it isn’t appropriate, but not knowing where that middle ground lies
  8. How uncomfortable other people get when I get sad
  9. How uncomfortable/sad I get when people talk about their moms
  10. Having to ask/beg/plan for people to be there for me on really hard days (mother’s day, mom’s bday, anniversary of death)

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