Tuesday Ten: Activities to do with Visitors to DC

  1. Annapolis – walk around the harbor with Kilwin’s ice cream, go to Cantler’s for crabs, and take a ride on the schooner woodwind (http://www.schoonerwoodwind.com/)
  2. Harpers Ferry – walk around historic Harpers Ferry, check out Cardamon Family Vineyards (they pair salsa with wine!), and go tubing
  3. Union Market in DC paired with a tour of Dolcezza’s gelato factory
  4. Eastern Market – walk around, eat brunch, walk over to peruse the capitol/supreme court/library of congress
  5. One museum during the day, monument walking at night
  6. Georgetown – high tea or drunk brunch, kayaking, window-shopping
  7. Kennedy Center or Wolf Trap
  8. DC Improv, Arlington Drafthouse, or downtown stand up happy hour
  9. National Harbor – piano bar, shopping, ferris wheel
  10. Baltimore – casino, aquarium, fells point, harbor cruise

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