Tuesday Ten: Things I Love About my Boo

  1. he does chores I ask him to do without complaint/reminders
  2. he makes amazing grilled pizza and challah french toast
  3. he surprises me with random presents
  4. he encourages me to buy and often himself buys me fresh flowers
  5. he makes the bed in the morning
  6. he purposely fluffs our down comforter into a ball so I can smoosh it
  7. he always knows when to ask what’s wrong or to crack a joke
  8. he isn’t shy about showing his love for me in actions/words
  9. he tries – he takes feedback, puts in effort, and generally is always willing to do the work in terms of himself and our relationship
  10. he can always find a solution and see the positive in a situation
  11. bonus: sexy times…

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