2015 Year in Review – Resolution Update

I wanted a theme of self-assurance, and to improve my confidence. I don’t really think I got there, honestly. I am stronger than I was a year ago, but I’m not exactly more confident or self assured. Or I am, but I’m more emotional? Hard to figure out, honestly.

I wanted to do a bunch of things that freak my out, and I did cook some of the recipes, but I didn’t check out universalist services or a movie alone, I didn’t keep up with my fitness, I never found a therapist I really liked and ended up canceling on that. I think I’m better on asking for help, but am not great about caring less about other people.


Updated 9/8/15

  • save $5000
  • get at least 2/3 “exceptional”s at work at my 18 (End of May) (got 3/3 in May) and 24 month (End of November) reviews
  • cook coq au vin (the last using my french oven) (1/2/15)
  • cook pancakes (1/4/15 and 1/24/15), bread (1/18 and 1/20/15), scones (1/12/15)
  • store all online passwords somewhere
  • attend a universalist service
  • see a therapist (at least once, maybe regularly) (first visit 1/14/15)
  • go to dr apts – eye dr (1/16/15), obgyn & regular physician (set for 5/15/15), dentist for fillings and for check up (set for 4/10/15)
  • go to a spin class and a pound class
  • see a movie alone
  • finish Couch to 5K
  • run the Parkway Classic 5K (too late to register – missed this one)

General list of  ‘do more’ things for 2015:

  • Keep up with current events and politics (read a newspaper every week, or The Week/Economist, or check CNN/Google news each day)
  • See more movies in theaters
    • Into the Woods (1/4/15), Annie (1/3/15), Wild (1/2/15), 50 Shades of Grey (2/20/15), the Duff (3/6/15), the Avengers 2 (4/30/15), Pitch Perfect 2(5/15/15), Tomorrowland (6/5/15), Spy (6/11/15), Inside Out (6/21/15), Ant Man (7/19/15), Trainwreck (7/20/15), Man From Uncle (8/15/15), The Intern (9/25/15), The Martian (10/2/15), Goosebumps (10/23/15), The Good Dinosaur (11/25/15), Star Wars (12/25/15)
  • Blog/Journal (try to do some 30 day exercises, or 100 days of 100 words; food blogging once a month, gratitude practice made public)
  • Give back to community/charity
  • Use my stand-up desk for 1hr each day (at least)

Things I’d like to continue from 2014:

  • Book Club(s) – foodie and kink-friendly ones
  • Game Nights
  • Gratitude Practice – weekly, focus on one thing in detail and how it impacted me not just a list of happy things, keep public; if do list, can keep private
  • RSS reader
  • Goodreads – read 52 books
  • MyFitnessPal – tracking calories and community of fitness-minded folks
  • Strength training – with a trainer or my own weights
  • Cooking at home/trying new recipes – 1 new recipe a month, blog about it with photos
    • Coq au Vin, Pancakes, Masaman Curry, Kik Alicha, Cranberry Oat Scones, Hibernian Brown Bread, Regular Yeast Bread, French Macarons (vanilla w/ nutella and pistachio w/ vanilla frosting), Steamed Cod, Spicy Tuna Cakes, Banana Chocolate Chip Whole Wheat Pancakes, Slow Cooker Tikka Masala, Cashew Chicken, Fluffernutter bars, Korean Beef, Salsa Verde Casserole, Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole, Grilled Rice Balls, Stuffed Peppers – Italian, Bang Bang Asian Glaze Shrimp, German Chocolate Chip Cookies, Funfetti Blondies, Funfetti Pound Cake, Cake Batter Three-Ingredient Cookies, Orange Dreamsicle Bites, Sesame honey chicken, apple pie oatmeal, jerk chicken tacos with pineapple salsa, ginger lemon sandwich cookies, sicilian rice ball casserole, teriyaki meatballs, butternut squash stuffed shells, pumpkin pancakes
  • 100 days of happiness on instagram – repeat it

Local things I’d like to do:

  • Attend an event at an Embassy
  • Do a Mansion on O St event or activity
  • Go to stand-up open mic night at Arlington Drafthouse
  • Visit the Crime Museum (They closed)
  • Visit the Botanical Gardens
  • See a military band concert
  • Check out a roller derby event
  • Visit Williamsburg

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