2016 Planned Travel

So, as I mentioned in my 2016 goals page, travel is a big priority for us this year, at least financially. We have a LOT of travel planned, which is exciting but also stressful. Here’s the year’s plans, at least as of now (and this is AFTER cutting some travel out):

  • January: Go to Philly/NYC. I got my man tickets to a broadway show and a night in a hotel for the holidays, so we redeemed that over MLK weekend. We also paired it with a trip to Philly to see some friends and his family and with a tasting at our wedding venue.
  • February: Future hubby (FH) has a surprise trip planned for us for our 2-year anniversary/Valentine’s weekend. Since we had our first date on Feb 16, it’s easy to combine the two for a mega-love celebration.
  • March: no travel, but have people coming to visit us
  • April: two trips! First one to Cape Cod for FH’s sister’s wedding, then one later int he month to PA for our engagement photos.
  • May: memorial day trip to see family in the great plains. This one is one of our “optional” trips, but I really want to foster a growing relationship with my aunt and uncle who we’ll be visiting. I need to feel more familial connection than I currently do, and so far, the connection is most with these folks.  Also may throw in a trip to Philly for mother’s day for future MIL.
  • June: TBD trip for friend’s bachelorette party (I’m in the wedding party)
  • July: two trips! First one to MA for the fourth of July with family on the beach (if we end up able to pull it off, leave- and money-wise), and the second one to NYC/PA for the wedding I’m in.
  • August: a trip to AR to see my grandmother, who’ll be 91 this year. Will also need to do a trip to PA for final details for the wedding (either late this month or in Sept).
  • September: TBD bachelorette party for me!
  • October: NY for FH’s cousin’s wedding
  • November: PA for our wedding and then honeymoon!, and then back to PA for turkey-day
  • December: Midwest for the holidays

My FH really wants to shove in a trip to Disney somewhere, but right now, we have no clue how that’d happen before the wedding. We may tag it onto our honeymoon, or for part of the winter holidays.

Easy to see where our leave and money is going, right? It’s nuts. There will be a lot of extra hours at the office to make up for all this.


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