2016 in the Aggregate

There was bad – my massive knee injury, my husband’s back injury, a friend’s mom dying, my husband’s car kicking the bucket and my car troubles, celebrity deaths, family illnesses (within my family and friends’ families), election results…

However there was SO MUCH good. I got married and went on my honeymoon, had a slew of awesome activities leading up to the wedding, got promoted at work, bought a car with my husband, went to 3 family member weddings and was in one friend’s wedding. A friend (a couple I introduced!) of mine got engaged, one friend had a baby, another got pregnant, and my dad sold his house, bought an RV, set a retirement date, and got engaged.  My sister lost 175+lbs, learned to cook, and maintained a year having quit smoking cigarettes. I went to Puerto Rico, California, Arkansas, New York City a few times, Philly, South Carolina, New Jersey, Nebraska, and Indiana. I saw Aladdin on Broadway and several stand up comedy shows, and I had countless game nights with friends and went to a bunch of awesome restaurants.

Not too shabby, 2016. For all the shit people give you, you were kinda awesome.


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