2016 Resolution Update (Part 2)

In 2016, I wanted to focus on frugality, fitness, and friend (relationships). 

For frugality, I’d give myself a B-. I contributed to my joint savings with my now-husband as anticipated, and I contributed to my own savings too. We successfully completed a no-spend month in January. However, I definitely went WAY over budget from my beginning-of-year plan. A couple of things were outside my control – an injury with lots of medical expenses, and car issues galore – but some were just me spending money on shopping or eating out needlessly. We did, however, make hard choices about big money things. We paid off a large debt from the dude’s crapped out car, we bought a new car, and we bought a new mattress.

For fitness, I’d give myself a D+. I’m about the same weight I was at the beginning of the year, and I yo-yo’d a good 20 pounds in the middle (lost it doing Whole30 successfully, then gained it back). I was working out a bit for a while, but I hurt my knee in May, and that really just kicked things to the curb.

For friends/relationships, I’d give myself a A-. I definitely called people of my own initiative a lot more. I did better doing that with folks who live farther away, but it was an improvement. I tried texting folks more regularly too. I visited family who lives far away that I wanted to get closer to, and tried to foster that as well. I didn’t send surprise mail, but that’s OK. I still am not getting a ton of reciprocal actions from my people, but I’m hopeful that will change. My dude and I were great at date nights through the summer, then in the fall that sort of fell apart with all the wedding planning. We were both OK with that though :).


Goals: (strike through means I completed it)

  • Have an IRA opened by end of year
  • Contribute 5K to joint savings and accumulate $10K in personal savings (growth of ~$3500)
  • Invest in one stock (even if just one share)
  • Follow through with no-spend January… at least mostly (no spending on entertainment/eating out – necessary pharmacy/grocery/car expenses allowed, and preplanned trip to NYC allowed)
  • Join the gym at my office and do 10 minutes physical activity each day (starting 1/25)
  • Have a fabulous wedding/honeymoon🙂
  • Cooking Things: Make brioche, baguette, cheese (got a kit for this for xmas), macarons (w/birthday gift kit from last year). Grill ribs. Cook a recipe from each cookbook I own.
  • Create a pinterest board of tried and true recipes.
  • Travel to an international destination
  • Complete at least one thing from my bucket list  did archery

Things I’d like to continue from 2015:

  • Book Club(s) – kink-friendly ones
  • Game Nights  – had 33 game nights (which is, after counting, the exact number we had the year before too. weird)
  • RSS reader
  • Goodreads – read 52 books  – I read 74 books
  • Cooking at home/trying new recipes  – I made 63 new recipes

Things I like to get back in the habit of from prior years:

I didn’t do any of this…

  • MyFitnessPal – tracking calories and community of fitness-minded folks
  • Cardio & Strength training – with a trainer or on my own
  • 100 days of happiness on instagram
  • Gratitude practice of some sort – possibly something weekly that includes categorical buckets…
  • Journaling – both on here and in my physical 52 list book

Local things I’d like to prioritize:

I didn’t do any of these…

  • military band concert
  • hirschorn museum
  • udvall museum (the air and space museum out at dulles)
  • see something at strathmore
  • visit either Winterthur, Hillwood estate, or Dumbarton House Gardens.
  • shenandoah hiking
  • supreme court oral arguments

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