6 weeks later…

As of yesterday, I officially had my VSG bariatric surgery 6 weeks ago. Since surgery, I’ve:

  • lost an addition 28.7lbs (I had lost 11.3lbs in the 10 day pre-op liquid diet leading up to surgery)
  • missed one of my closest friend’s weddings – the couple I set up, no less
  • visited ER twice for dehydration
  • been hospitalized for a 4 night stay due to dehydration and malnourishment (once was an admit from an ER visit)
  • had a central line (PICC) inserted into my right upper arm
  • had 5 visits from at-home nursing staff
  • spent 98 hours hooked up to IV-administered nutrition (TPN) — 14 hours a night for 7 nights
  • had 63 saline and hepron flushes administered via my IV line, all but 8 of which were administered by my loving, patient husband, and
  • maxed out my insurance out-of-pocket (or I will have, once all the bills clear).

Needless to say…it’s been a helluva adventure thus far, and I’m one of the lucky few with ‘complications’ from surgery. I still have the central line in, although if I continue to improve my liquid and protein intake, it’ll be removed on Monday. I’m supposed to be getting 64 ounces of liquid and 70+ grams of protein in, averaging ~600 calories a day. I’ve not hit those goals yet. However, I’ve been improving each day, and yesterday I was up to 60g protein, 600 cal, and 30 ounces. So, progress. I don’t feel like death anymore, and while my energy is still limited, I can do more which is great.

As of  now, we’re still planning on visiting the UK over labor-day week, although we’ll make some modifications for my energy levels. I’m still really pumped for the trip. Hopefully, after I return, I’ll be able to start physical therapy again for my knee. I was just about to graduate to agility exercises (pivoting, jumping), so I’m hoping I didn’t regress too much.

Everyone on the interwebz and doctors still say I won’t regret my choice, once I’m adjusted and losing again. Apparently, while this isn’t a normal series of events, it’s not the worst case by far, and at 2-3 months I’ll be just thrilled. Here’s hoping that’s the case! I do know I’m wearing a pair of jeans I couldn’t wear a month ago, so at least there’s that. At this point, I’ll be thrilled to be able to shower without having to tape and saran-wrap my arm. It’s the small things, right?

Financial Bloggers

So, I follow a crapton of financial bloggers on my RSS reader (RIP Google Reader, Meh Feedly), and I’ve been contemplating starting my own personal finance blog. I mean, it’s me, so it wouldn’t be ALL personal finance…there’d likely be some recipe sharing and life updating, like talking about our new house, travel, life after bariatric surgery, etc. I wish I could transition this blog into that blog, but the kink history in this one probably shouldn’t be associated with anything remotely professional or public. Alas. Starting a new blog is a lot of work, so I’m not there yet, and while I procrastinate on that, this blog still works for me.

One of the bloggers I follow posted a little “get to know you” thing, and so I figured I’d post it here, because I so rarely post anything anymore.

  1. Coffee or tea? – I like both, and don’t drink either regularly. I generally prefer coffee unless I’m also getting scones and pretentious china with my tea.
  2. Vodka or gin? – Generally vodka, but I do love me a gin and tonic or tom collins.
  3. Appetizers or desserts? – This is a hard choice…probably dessert.
  4. When was the last time you spent over $100 at once? (Outside of the grocery store) – Maybe at Crate and Barrel after our wedding when we fulfilled registry things?
  5. How old were you when you lost your virginity and was it good? – 22 and it was NOT good.
  6. What is a sport you are good at and a sport you are bad at? – I’m not really good at sports, and I’m bad at pretty much all of them.
  7. What is your favorite way to spend time? – Playing board games with friends and my husband or sharing meals with the same folks.
  8. What is your love language? – Quality time.
  9. If you had a dead body in your trunk, who would you call to help you bury it? – My husband. He has a good serial killer vibe that would lend itself to this. Plus he’s stronger than me.
  10. If you could only use one word to describe yourself, what would it be? – Curious…hence the blog name :).