About Me

This blog is primarily a way for me to work through things on my mind. If you happen to be reading the entries found here, you can treat them as insights into my head.  Note that these are ever-evolving opinions, and only represent what is on my mind at a specific moment in time.

I pretend no one reads this in order to sort through my thoughts in a semi-filter-free environment. Feel free to read, comment, and question, but I make no promises to be entertaining.


I’m a late-twenties female who is originally from suburban middle America (now I’m in the mid-Atlantic). Writing is not my day job…well, not explicitly. I tend towards goody-two-shoes, but I’m also kinky. I tend to be a pretty logical, reason-based person. I also have an artsy side – this blog lets me feed those creative desires in a small way.

This blog helps me process my thoughts. Frankly, shit is complicated, and a lot of times I don’t understand what the hell is going on until I write through it.

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Wow, 22 with such deep as well as broad sexual thoughts and desires.

    Hmmmm, what an interesting young man you will be in the years to come. 😉

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