Day 30, 30 Days of Me

Day 30: List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for.

  1. Loyalty, compassion, and love for my friends and family.
  2. Through children and husband that I one day hope to have: being a good mother and wife
  3. Work ethic and success in my professional career.
  4. Writing, whether it be on the DL or published professionally.
  5. Commitment to public service and making our world a better place, however I can.
  6. Kindness towards strangers.
  7. Someone who didn’t hold back and lived life to the fullest: my senses of adventure and humor.

I really don’t know, otherwise. I want to live my life without regrets, cultivate strong relationships, and hope that I have a positive impact on the people and world around me.

Good relevant quotes:

I want to be remembered as the girl who always smiles even when her heart is broken, and the one that could always brighten up your day even if she couldn’t brighten her own. -Unknown.

I don’t want to be remembered. I want the nice words when I can hear them. -Jerry Lewis

Tiffany, over at Live.Learn.Love.Eat, wrote a great post on this, and the following are things that I second from her list:

  • Inspired others to live a life they love
  • Appreciated the simple things in life
  • Respected others opinions
  • Set goals and was determined to keep growing, changing and learning
  • Happy and excited for what life would hold
  • Valued time with family and friends

Day 29, 30 Days of Me

Day 29: What do you think people misunderstand most about you?

I think people take my serious nature regarding work, school, rules, etc. to mean I’m someone who doesn’t know how to have fun.

I think people take my involvement in kinky shit to mean I have loose morals or am a crazy slut.

I think people take my easy-to-read, natural reactions to mean my emotions and thoughts are easy to read.

I think people take my organizational abilities, logistics skills, and leadership experience (type-A) to mean I’m Dominant and type-A in all situations, or unable to take any other role – including submissive – in my personal life.

Day 28, 30 Days of Me

Day 28: What is your love language?

I already wrote on this: .

Or, for a snippet:

My receiving love language is (1) quality time, followed closely by (2) physical touch, with (3) words of affirmation in third. Without the first two, I won’t believe the third, but without the third I won’t be entirely fulfilled.

My giving love languages are quality time and acts of service, followed somewhat more distantly by physical touch. I stay really busy and highly value my time, so when I make time for you it shows I’m prioritizing you; the more time with you, the bigger the priority you are to me. On the service side, call it my midwestern upbringing or blame my submissive side, but I like to take care of my partner and do what I can to serve their overall happiness.

Day 27, 30 Days of Me

Day 27: What is your favorite part of your body and why?

I’m not sure it counts as a body part, but I really like my smile. I feel like it reflects my passion and enthusiasm, is genuine, and usually gets a smile or flirt in response. On top of that, a smile is the most straight-forward way to communicate with someone. No matter what language you speak, you understand a smile. It’s positive, and can bring light into the darkness of someone’s day. I like bringing happiness to other people even if it is in small ways.

Day 26, 30 Days of Me

Day 26: What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?

Anarchism/Extreme Libertarianism.

No government = chaos. We’d have crap roads, crap schools, and more crime. I understand the desire for more freedoms, privatization, and smaller government. I don’t always agree with the policies or implementing them in today’s society, but I fully get the desires behind them. That said, no government at all, I don’t understand.

On the other end, full socialism and communism are “wrong” in my mind too. I feel both of these suppress necessary freedoms.

Day 25, 30 Days of Me

Day 25: If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?

Cliche, but Jesus Christ. Runners-up include Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill. Really though, it’s be great to hear some life lessons and get some perspective from Jesus. As for what we’d eat, who knows! Something involving ovens, probably, because they didn’t have ovens then.

Day 24, 30 Days of Me

Day 24: Describe your family dynamic of your childhood vs. your family dynamic now.

I feel like this is beating a dead horse – I’ve discussed my family, my childhood, etc. a ton by now.

So my family dynamic now…I call home maybe once/twice a week, usually on my way home from work and it’s a brief call. I most frequently talk to my mother, unless I get off work late and my dad is home. I text my sister occasionally. I’m going home for the holiday, and I will likely see my parents again in May/June  for a little bit.

I get along all right with my family now. It’s a bit odd. I enjoy spending time with them, and miss them a great deal. That said, I can’t mentally handle more than a week at a time because of the issues my family members have, both independently and with one another. It becomes too stressful. I generally try to keep the peace, give unbiased advice when asked for it, and enjoy what time I can with them.

In my childhood…I kept the peace, and by doing so neglected my own internal peace. I was the therapist for my mom, the mediator between my mom and sister, the silent companion to my father. I was a lot of things I didn’t always want to be, and I never just was. That about sums that up.


Day 23, 30 Days of Me

Day 23: List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.

  1. Travel: I love seeing new places, learning how other people live, stepping where history took place, trying new things, experiencing other cultures, gaping at the natural beauty that’s so similar or so varied to that I’ve seen before…I ❤ it all. I want to see things for myself, to really understand other people and their lives, and to experience as much as possible. I can’t imagine not enjoying travel. The restaurants and food, the music, the landscapes, the architecture – all of it appeals! Plus, being from one of the youngest countries, it’s great to see centuries and millenia of history. 
  2. Photography: What better way to capture the different sights and experiences around the world than on film (or digital film, at least)? I love trying to show other people what I see through the lens of my camera. There’s so much for me to learn, so many new cameras and techniques I don’t yet know, but I love experimenting and feel great satisfaction when I’ve perfectly captured what I see in my mind. I tend to prefer photographing nature or landscapes over anything else.
  3. Dancing: I love the adrenaline, feeling the music, and expressing myself through dance. At various times in my life, I’ve taken ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz, tango, and swing lessons. I’ve loved them all. I was in a competitive show choir (midwestern thing) where we had professionally choreographed routines, and I adored it. I love ballroom and letting someone guide me into artistic manifestations of music. I love hip hop, lap dances, and sultry music that lets me connect with a partner and explore sexuality through musical movement. I love dancing in the club or just randomly for fun, just to goof off and let off steam. It’s a workout and it’s a moment when I don’t think, just feel. I don’t dance enough anymore and I let my own self-consciousness get in the way, but I’m never as happy as I am after a few hours dancing.
  4. Writing: Writing poetry, song lyrics, erotic stories, journal entries – they all allow me to express myself. I’m pretty easy to read in the moment – I don’t lie well – but I also find it very difficult to express my deeper emotions. I’m improving, but I’m not that great a communicator in terms of what I’m honestly feeling about something. Writing allows me to let out all the things that worry me, to analyze things in a healthier way. By putting things on paper, I usually release them from my mind. Or, for an erotic story, it allows me to explore thoughts and fantasies that I lose track of in my mind.
  5. Being adventurous with friends: I adore trying new things – see the travel thing above. I highly prioritize trying new things and spending time with my friends, so what better than combining the two? Whether it’s kayaking, trying a new restaurant, ice skating, snow tubing, visiting a museum, going for a road trip, taking a class, going to a festival, etc. – I like getting out there, exploring something I haven’t done before (or sharing a loved thing with someone else who hasn’t done it before), and sharing those moments with people that matter to me.

Other things that barely didn’t make the list: singing and cooking.

Day 22, 30 Days of Me

Day 22: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

In 5 years, I imagine myself working for the Federal Government in a full-time, permanent position, in a relationship with some lucky guy, and still in the DC area. That’s the goal, at least. I hope to have traveled to several more places, to still be seeing my family regularly, and to still be in touch with my current friends.

In 10 years, I’ll be almost 35, and I hope to be engaged or married, living in a townhouse or house, and happy in a job. Perhaps I’ll be living somewhere else, though I’m not opposed to still being in the DMV area. Maybe I’ll have written a novel?

In 15 years I’ll be almost 40, and I hope to have a husband and child, more permanent housing, and I don’t know what I’ll be doing career-wise but I’ll be doing something. I have no idea where I’ll be living.

Honestly though, who knows. I hope to be happy, whatever I’m doing.

Day 21, 30 Days of Me

Day 21: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first?

I’d say mind reading, because that would be FABULOUS, but I just keep thinking of the movie “What Women Want” and how the guy goes crazy. I imagine that’d be me, and I really wouldn’t appreciate having that much information.

So, with that option gone, probably flight, because it’d be 1) faster and eliminate commuting time and 2) aerial views would be fantastic.