All I Want For Christmas

It’s holiday season, and I’m going to do things a bit backwards. Later this week, I’m sure I’ll try to post something about what I’m thankful for. Today, I’m feeling slightly more selfish, and have been thinking a lot more about what I’d love to get for Christmas in an ideal world. Some are lighthearted, some are deeper. I have no expectation of any of these things happening, beyond procuring some part of #1/2 for myself and hoping that #4 just happens miraculously.

  1. A metal slinky and/or a koosh ball.
  2. Bubbles, a giant balloon, or a pillow fort.
  3. A bonfire or fire in a fireplace with marshmallows, wine, good conversation, and good friends. Kinky orgies may or may not be present ;).
  4. To stop itching. I’m so, so sick of the mystery bug bite/disease itch thing. It’s beyond me. Doctors, exterminators, friends, family; no one knows what is it, and no matter what I do it persists. I’ve got scars and all sorts of crap from it, and I’m sick of it.
  5. For someone to take initiative and plan something fun for us to do together, with no decisions needed on my end at all. This could be a friend or date, whatever. I’m easy to please and generally laid back, and if you know me at all it’d be super simple to plan this. There’s not much I’m not down to try, including restaurants and types of movies even. I want to not have to worry, plan, or think about logistics at all – I want to hand that all over to someone else. I’m always the one planning things and making sure logistics work, and it’d be nice to totally step back from that for a change.
  6. To have a sensual, sexual heavy petting and make-out session. I don’t mean a brief interlude, but an hour or two where we lose ourselves like teenagers in this type of play and connection.
  7. A sudden influx of cash. I don’t need a lot, I’m talking under $5,000, and it isn’t that I can’t eventually pay things off so much as I’d like to do it all at once. I’ve had a lot of unexpected expenses recently, and I want to pay everything off and be able to save and pay down loans. I hate having a ton of monthly payments. Times like these I wish I came from wealth and could ask mommy/daddy to help.
  8. To be beaten, teased, and tormented while hogtied. Wartenburg, violet wand, tickling, paddle, flogger, riding crop, clamps, any will do…all while hogtied, maybe a blindfold or gag thrown in too. It’s been a fantasy for a really long time, and I’d love to make it happen. This would have to be with someone I trusted a lot, and would preferably involve orgasms on both ends.
  9. To walk around the monuments at night with people who like to snuggle. (It’s cold, snuggling is vital.)
  10. To be wooed. I want a man to romance me and make me feel special. I want chivalry and general thoughtfulness. I want there to be no doubt that he is interested and thinks I’m worth investing time, energy, and passion to.