I bought iron shackles at the MD renaissance festival in September. It happened in a sort of weird way. I was walking around with a guy I’d been dating (if briefly – that has since ended), and someone he kind of knew walked up to him to show off the iron shackles he’d purchased. I was immediately fascinated, and I asked him to show us where he got them. All three of us wandered around, shopped, and talked for most of the rest of the day. He indeed led us to the blacksmith, where I bought my own set of shackles.

I didn’t get fetlife names for any of the kinky people I met, including the man who showed us to the shackles and we spent a good deal of time with, which I regretted a great deal afterwards. That guy contacted me this week (hurrah for reconnecting), and it got me thinking a bit about chains and shackles again, among other things. I’d been wondering more about steel bondage anyhow, and had been finding some interesting tumblr photos. I’ve used handcuffs a few times, and was wrapped up in chains once casually at a party, but haven’t ever spent a good amount of time in that kind of bondage. Most of my bondage experience is with rope, which I adore, but chains appeal for a distinctly different reason.

I like rope because of the smell and texture, the ability to tease and connect with your partner through the act of tying, and the variety of painful and unique positions. Rope gives me a chance of escape, which enhances my struggle.

Chains and metal bondage, however, fascinate me because they are so unyielding. There is absolutely no chance of escape. They are cold and hard.

I’ve wanted to use my shackles, but haven’t been with anyone I really trust to use them since buying them. I’ve been afraid to use them on my own (I can cut myself out of my rope should something go wrong, I can’t do that with metal). Last night, I finally said fuck it and locked myself in. In doing so, I learned a few things.

1) With some maneuvering and finagling, I can wriggle myself out of the cuffs.

2) The snick/clank of the lock immediately rachets my arousal up several notches. I can only imagine how much it would do so were I not the one holding the key.

3) Holy hell easily-achieved strong orgasm. Want more chains.

Day 2, 30 Days of Kink

Day 2: List your kinks.

Well, I’ve done that before; see my Fetishes and Limits post. Or, better yet, see my fetlife profile.

But hey, in the interest of this exercise, I’ll do it again.

My biggest kink is bondage. Continue reading

Shopping List

Here are the toys that have been on my mind recently. First, the ones I’d actually consider buying myself (not right at this moment, but in the future):

  • Vibrator that pulses to the tunes on your ipod:
  • Vibrating nipple clamps…I’ve used these, they’re surprisingly intense (in only the best of ways):
  • Coconut rope – the bristly, scratchy rope is great for a masochist:
Toys I would love to play more with, but probably wouldn’t purchase myself:
  • gags, any type
  • violet wand and accessories (including electrified rope)
  • wartenburg wheel and vampire glove/claws
  • knife play (going with the previous thing)
  • candle wax (I’d buy candles, but not really into doing alone)
  • bare handed spanking… I’ve been spanked, but only as a brief warm up before harsher implements. I’m curious about a full out spanking.
  • tower of pain nipple torment thing (I’ve used this, it’s ridiculously painful, but again, only in the best of ways)
  • handcuffs… I’ve only ever really been restrained with rope. Time to change that.