101 Kinky Questions

Thanks to hispreciouspet (http://hispreciouspet.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/101-kinky-questions-answered-about-me/) for the questions.

I’m in a weird mood, so why not overshare to the anonymous abyss?

1. Have you ever slept naked?

Yes. I find, weirdly enough, that I get hotter when I sleep with no clothes than when I wear clothes. Because of that and the more practical issue of needing to use the shared bathroom in the middle of the night, I usually wear some form of pajamas.

2. Have you ever masturbated?

Of course.

3. What’s your bra size, or dick length?


4. Where was your first time?

At this guy’s house, tied to his bed. It was the second time I’d hung out with him. I still don’t know why I was so ready to let it happen that way.

5. Have you ever gotten sexual with anything that wasn’t a person?

Yes. I use a couple of different toys regularly. When I was younger and didn’t own toys, I used toothbrushes, highlighters, and pillows for sexy fun times.

6. Have you ever shown anyone your body parts and asked advice?

I don’t think I’ve ever asked for advice about my body parts, but I’ve shown them to people.

8 . Do you prefer doing it in the dark or in the light?

I like mood lighting, but it doesn’t matter to me that much. If I’m into you enough to do it the lights aren’t on my mind. If I’m thinking about the lights, it isn’t going to be good sex.

9. What’s your greatest fantasy?

Being kept on edge for several hours, at least partly due to extended nipple teasing and/or torment. Having my desire used against me so that I will desperately serve my Dom’s desires (think lap dance, head, crawling). Add some bondage in there and you’ve got a hot time :).

10. Would you suck on anyone’s toes?

I wouldn’t seek it out, but if I was in a D/s dynamic and it made my Dom happy, I’d do it. If they were clean, of course, and he wasn’t being a dick about it.

11. Where do you think would be the weirdest place to have sex?

I’m not keen on the idea of having sex in a cemetery, that would skeeve me out a bit.

12. Would you have sex there? 

Maybe, but it would take a lot of convincing.

13. How old were you the first time?

22. I got a late start.

14. Would you ever have lesbian or gay sex?

I have received oral from a woman, but not given it. I don’t know that I could, it really grosses me out. Who knows though, things change.

15. What do you think the sexiest fruit is?

Bananas? I’m all for phallic references.

16. Would you ever have an orgy with the same-sex?

Maybe, see above grossed out by giving thing. If it was a group thing with same and opposite sex, maybe.

17. What and who turns you on?

This is the vaguest question ever. I’m turned on by humor, intelligence, chivalry, strength, dominance, assertiveness, bondage, pain, teasing, sensual touch…the list could go on. As for who, well, any number of people :).

18. Have your hands ever been down anyone’s pants?

Yup. I like the innocence of fondling in the pants.

19. What superstar would you have sex with?

Paul Rudd, Justin Bartha…god there are more, but I’m drawing blanks.

20. Have you or anyone else ever stuck anything down your pants?

Just their hands.

21. Have you ever had a dream about being gay or lesbian?


22. Are you gay or lesbian?


24. Have you ever made a guy get hard?


25. Have you ever counted your pubic hairs?

Hell no, that’d be super tedious.

26. Would you rather be cute or sexy?

I think it depends on to whom. I’m going to cheat and say that I want to be with people who find cute sexy.

27. How many people would you have sex with at once?

Maybe another couple, or a couple of dudes at once… that’s probably it. I can be weirdly prudish. Now, having sex in the company of others but not WITH them, that may be a different answer.

28. Have you ever put on a strip show?

No, but I would, with the right audience.

29. Have you ever seen a strip show?

I saw a live sex show in Amsterdam, if that counts? I’ve also seen burlesque and pole dancing. I’ve never seen a legit strip show though.

30. Have you ever seen any of your friends naked?

Yes. I have friends I met in the kink scene, where nudity is common.

31. What’s your kinky fetish?

Power exchange, bondage, pain…basically all elements of BDSM.

32. Have you ever had a fantasy about a teacher?

No, actually. That’s a bit surprising in retrospect.

33. Have you ever had an orgasm?

Yep, thankfully.

34. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

Yes, in a hot tub this summer at a kinky party, and in 4th grade. Not the same experience at all :).

35. Have you ever played with a condom?

Played, as in blew it into a balloon? Of course. As in sexual activity? When I’ve had sex, I’ve used them.

36. If you could be a spice what would it be?

Cardamon. Sweet and a tad spicy, intriguing, looked forward to, and holds dishes together.

37. Would you use objects in sex such as whips, hand cuffs, etc.?

Yes, please!

38. Have you ever tried on a condom?

I have no penis, so no.

39. Have you ever playfully spanked your lover?

Yes. I uncontrollably giggle when I spank people, though, so it’s not usually a go-to sex move.

40. If someone says “spank me” do you do it and get turned on?

I’d be sad that they weren’t doing it to me.

41. Have you ever worn your underwear two days in a row?

Yes, but I wouldn’t again.

42. Have you ever seen anyone’s dick?


44. Have you ever took a piss standing up or squatting in the woods?

Yes, it’s challenging.

45. What was the weirdest place you have ever done something with someone?

I minimally fooled around in a movie theater, so maybe that?

46. What was the weirdest thing you have ever done to your b/f or g/f?

I’m kinky. Pretty sure most things I enjoy are weird to someone. I don’t know that I find any of it “weird.”

47. What was the lamest thing your b/f or g/f did for you or to you?

Can’t think of something.

48 . Have you ever wondered what position you would have sex in?

Honestly, I don’t think much about positions. I’m not having enough sex for that to be on my mind.

49. Have you ever used a vibrator on yourself or somebody else?

On myself, yes, on someone else, no.

52. Would you ever have sex in the ocean?

If it was private enough, yes.

53. Have you ever gotten sand up you? 

Not from fun activities. Not a fan of the idea, either.

54. Have you ever run or walked around your house nude?

Not my current home (roommates and windows facing an office building), but previous ones yes.

55. What do you wear to bed?

Usually some form of nightshirt, I have some long sleeved, long tshirt ones from Victoria’s Secret, some sexier nighties, and an old one from a department store. If I’m really cold or sharing space, I’ll wear pajama pants and a college tshirt.

56. Have you ever done anything with someone in your parents bed?

No, and I wouldn’t. Ew.

57. Would you ever consider rubbing hot oil or cream all over your guy or girl?

If my partner enjoyed massages, I would. Probably lotion before oil, though.

59. Have you ever used lubricant?


61. Have you ever fingered yourself, got fingered before or fingered someone else?

Yes, yes, and no.

64. Have you ever given or received a hand job or blow job?

Yes to both.

66. Have you ever tasted cum or female juice?

Yes to cum, and yes if my own counts.

68. What does the number “69″ mean to you?

Double oral.

70. How old were you when you got your first real kiss? 

Maybe 18? Again, late bloomer.

72. Have you ever done anything with anyone in a pool, hot tub, or bath tub?


74. Have you ever tied up or hand cuffed anybody?

Yes, I’ve tied someone up, and I’ve been both tied up and handcuffed.

77. Were you a witness to someone having sex?

Yes, kinky parties always have someone having sex.

80. Would you ever have phone sex?

I would, although it’d be super difficult since tlaking direty makes me really nervous.

81. Do you go by the rhythm of music?

If there is music, yes.

84. Would you ever have sex with your best friend or someone you don’t even know?

Not my current best friend, but friends change.

85. Do you find physical pain like spanking an element of good sex?


86. Do you find older women or men attractive?

Older men, as in maybe 10-20 years, yes. More than that, no.

87. Would you rather have sex with or without a condom? 

Pregnancy scares the everliving shit out of me, so condoms are a must.

88. Who was the person you kissed that was the best?

The best? That’s a hard one. Maybe a guy I dated right after moving to DC, 2 years or so ago.

89. If you had a half an hour to spend with your b/f or g/f what would you do?

Depends how long it had been since we’d seen each other. If it’d been a while, talk and catch up with some kissing.

90. If you only had 20 minutes left to live what would you do?

Say goodbye to everyone that I could.

91. Which would you rather make out:A) On a stage in front of a lot of people you know? B) With your parents in the room?C) In front of an ex?


95. What color is your hair (pubic)?

Dark brown.

98. Your love life is like which of these movies:

A) Something about Mary
B) Chasing Amy
C) My Girl 2
D) When Harry Met Sally
E) Fatal Attraction
F) Rated X (not for young viewers)

A or F.

99. Have you ever lost the keys to the cuffs or got stuck together?

No, thank heavens.

101. Would you do anyone on your blogroll? 

Don’t know enough about those folks to say one way or the other.