Welcome to February!

Steelers fans are ridiculous. Not that packers fans are better, but just it is so noticeable. It probably seems that way to me because while Indiana has the Colts, I’m not from the city where they play. I’m not used to living in a city that has a professional team. My hometown has hockey and baseball, but minor leagues. This is the big leagues now.

My interview went well, but I didn’t get a 2nd round callback. Kind of sucks, but since I didn’t want it before, I shouldn’t let myself be hurt. Instead, I should be happy that of the 15 that applied, I was one of the 4 interviewed (that’s not including the 95 – 8 apply – interview ratio for the summer program). So close, yet soooo far away.

Random craziness: a bill in AZ:

“Allow people to sue if they feel they were illegally stopped from carrying a firearm into a government facility or event. If a person wins the lawsuit and the government agency doesn’t pay within 72 hours, the person has the right to seize as payment “any municipal vehicles used or operated for the benefit of any elected office holder” in the relevant government agency.”

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2011/01/31/20110131arizona-gun-bill-aims-loosen-laws.html#ixzz1CxRqyYzp

So…you can just take your rep’s car. Because that will totally be the same as getting a settlement, and will definitely speed the bureaucratic process up. Hah.

And, of course, have to mention a kinky thing. This will be the first in 3 weeks with no masochistic release. I’m bummed about it, but I hate asking to play. I also have no car, so I can’t really facilitate things easily. Lame.

I DID get validation today, though, in that my super-difficult professor game some kudos to work I’ve been doing. I have a lot more to do in that class, but it made me feel better to get positive feedback from someone who is so hard to please.


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